Слот ci sony bravia

слот ci sony bravia

The CAM should be automatically detected.
You cannot see the date of your subscription.
2013 and newer bravia TV borderlands 2 jackpot cheat engine models have a CI version.3.
CI CAM in a, cI CAM slot and vice versa.Make sure the CAM with the brand label is trolleholm slott bröllop facing upwards and smartcard with chip.Message "Your CAM is not complaint" is displayed.This is done on purpose to allow the user to remove the CAM easily when needed.If you still receive the message above or dates are not up to date, the card may not have received the over-the-air command to activate the subscription or you are not entitled to see these programs.If this would be the case, please contact Sony Customer Support for further assistance.Do this carefully, without using too much force.The notification can disappear a few times and reappear until the process is completed.You can use.Please remove the CAM or pull it backwards (about 2 cm) in the CAM slot.A "No module" message may point at the issues below: The module is not inserted correctly.This is a small metal adapter that slides into the CI slot on a digital TV set.Check that the pins at the bottom are not bent or damaged.
Different types of CAM are available gran casino costa brava s l on the market, although physically they look the same.
Switch on the TV again.

Please reinsert the module.
Turn off your TV and insert the CAM adapter into the TV's CI slot (with the CAM brand label pointing away from TV).