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The car has a Mazdaspeed short motor, with a Jackson Racing supercharger, Wolf computer, RX7 gearbox and LSD, some light-weighting - and to cope with 171kW (230bhp brakes upgraded to later MX5 type.
800 spring and roll centre kit to ensure correct suspension geometry is maintained after lowering.A factory RHD car delivered new in Australia when a Mercedes was an unusual car, this vehicle has been extensively restored.2 original build sheets.This vehicle is powered by BMWs S50B32 M 3 Evolution engine of 3201cc fitted with Dual Vanos variable valve timing; developing 321bhp (236kW) @ 7400rpm torque of 258lb/ft (350Nm) @ 3250rpm.Asking 30,000 sold 19 90 Nissan 300ZX sold Just pit passed a newly registered a red 300ZX R32.I have the car for sale at 64990 which is 20k below replacement (excluding wheels etc which cost 4800) that represents good buying.These cars offer impressive versatility - it can either be enjoyed as a roadster, complete with soft-top for occasional showers, or with the stunning dished hard-top in place it becomes a snug coupe perfect for the colder months.1960 Mercedes-Benz 190B Sedan sold from this website Classic Ponton model.LED casino voitot ulosotto lights throughout,central locking shave door locks, electric windows, detailed boot, awesome Foose Wheels.Comprehensive service history, tools.Strong motor /runs well.Mechanical specs include: 230.