7 days to die new equipment slots

It is not possible to pick up or destroy deco items outside a trader Client see trees that have no hitbox Other Renamed Hypo/Hyperthermal to Heat/Cold Resist Updated forest ground to match grass better, whitened fog at sunset to help black back lit trees look.
Adds per hit and rodion kk poker decreases 20 a second.
Added: Reinforced chests and super chests.This means an armor set can relieve you of 15 encumberance slots!New foods, drinks and drugs to craft and use.Track Party members location, and health.Armor can be modified to add further hypo and hyper thermal protection.Surprisingly they can get up again if you didnt kill them.Here are a few of the notable changes: Many common loot containers visibly have a looted state and the ones that are lootable are rarely empty.Loot now uses gamestage to calculate what probabilities are Moved bedroll position from player data file to persistent data ( Offline owner bedrolls do not count towards protection for sleepers) (offline player bedrolls show name as unknown) Femurs are no longer usable as weapons RWG.Ore distribution in the desert aligned with how other biomes are structured Ores only use 2 textures now, regular and shiny Deleted plains ground textures Target bar now only shows when needed for gameplay without making it too easy Reloading a scoped gun will wait.Heres the breakdown: Health Your current health is displayed in red and max health is grey.Distant decorations (trees) complement the distant terrain for a more realistic scenery Boulders spawn in places where ore veins come close to the surface.

This stealth UI stat bar is only shown when the player crouches.