Ahrims magic bonus

Ice rush 58 3 Water 1 Death - 556 Freezes your target in place for 10 seconds.
The Wizard's Mind Bomb is a drink that temporarily raises your magic level by 2 or 3; it raises by 2 under level 50 magic, and 3 above.
Below is a table of all the magic abilities that you can use while wielding a magic weapon during combat.Lassar teleport 72 4 Water 2 Law 82 - Teleport to Ice Mountain.Superglass Make 77 10 Air 6 Fire 2 Astral 78 Make Molten glass without a furnace.Paddewwa teleport 54 1 Air 1 Fire 2 Law 64 - Teleport to Edgeville Dungeon.This spell has a 10 second cooldown shared with Heal Group.Ancient spells can be cast and auto-cast with any type of staff.Chain Basic 45 None 10 Seconds A magical spell that chains between nearby targets, hitting 2 additional nearby targets for 100 of your active slot punch pliers blinds spell damage each.Cure Group 74 2 Cosmic 2 Astral 74 Cure yourself and all players within 1 square of poison.If your target enters the beam, they will be hit for 10 to 20 of weapon damage every 2 seconds.While wielding the elemental staves, you will not have to use the elemental rune that pertains to your staff.The Robe Store Owner, the Magic skill master, is also located here.To switch between the Ancient Magick and the standard Magic spellbook, pray at the altar inside the pyramid where you finished the quest (this will drain your Prayer at the Elven grimoire in Cadarn, using the Magic cape (or Magic master cape ) near.For game mechanics, see, magic.Void Knight equipment edit edit source Void mage helm, Void knight top, Void knight robe Void knight gloves Void knight robes give a high Defence bonus for Magic robes, and it gives the highest Ranged Defence bonus of all Magic robes, but it requires.Rune Image Acts As Best Use Other Uses Mist Air and Water Water missile attacks Dust Air and Earth Earth missile attacks Mud Earth and Water Bind, Snare, Vulnerability, Enfeeble, Entangle, Stun, Bones to bananas, Enchant lvl-5 jewelry Smoke Air and Fire Ancient Magick Smoke.However, it provides no Ranged protection.Ruby Aurora* 81 3 Fire 1 Soul - 777 Direct damage spell.None, astral used for Lunar Magics, none.Hair removal wax heater machine.It is one of the few set of magic robes that give defence bonuses against things other than magic and summoning.
Domes cannot be layered on top of each other and each new shield dome will be less effective(25, 12, 6, 3, and finally 1 reduced damage) for 2 minutes after the initial dome is created.
All Lunar Magic requires use use of Astral runes.

Amulet of fury * Onyx When equipped, provides.2 critical damage bonus to Melee, Ranged and Magic and 5 Prayer.