Bingo meaning in korean

bingo meaning in korean

I feel bingo deluxe!
The Sun (2008)The moon visits your prize chart to add luck to lottery tickets and bingo games.I am so bingo'd!Times, rock pokeri kiertue Sunday Times (2014)One card left at the scene said'I'll win at the bingo for you all.Times, Sunday Times (2014) Now she returns to the bingo hall to find out if those with cash as their lure were the winners.As such, today it is used liberally by many party-goers in Oz, although the appeal of the word " bingo " was based around the fact that not many people knew what it meant and that it required explanation.The Sun (2010) Surely the litmus test of a successful bingo night is a loyal grandmother.The Sun (2016)The name topped a list of female bingo winners.You call them "bingos"?The Sun (2013)Let's hope they pass on the savings to bingo players.A bingo name is basically the word bingo, followed by a single word describing the person.Continue, find out more.The Sun (2008)The singer hosts bingo nights to entertain the tour crew before and after gigs.A: Yeh, thats bingo Gay.Am I having bingos.Times, Sunday Times (2012)Do you lot come here to play bingo?