Bonus expert knowledge

If you really want " Future Combat " and " We Have Ways " early in the game, put your base in Asia because it will only take 2 satellites to get.
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America for more credits or Asia for even cheaper deals on Foundry and OTS projects.Strategy - for a comparison of the different continent bonuses.Africa, placing the base in Africa, you get a bonus.Your base will be located in Brazil.4 satellites if you start.With Xpert Knowledge you will not only learn the subject but also the practicality of how to apply and work in real-time situations.America (Total 330 " Air Space or Africa (Total 325 " All In either way it's only 3 satellites.Xcom base: North America, europe, asia ( not available in the tutorial south America ( not available in the tutorial africa ( not available in the tutorial contents.Get a Free Online Course, sign up before Friday Every week and get your first training lesson for free straight to your inbox!South America, placing the base in South veikkaus r kioski koodi America, you get a bonus.Study From Anywhere, taught By Experts.Choosing a Location There are many different methods to choosing your initial base location.See Also Funding - for a list of the country/continent funding and bonuses.Air and Space : "All aircraft and aircraft weapons cost 50 less to purchase, build and maintain".The downside is that you'll need a couple more satellites to get the other continent bonuses, which takes time, credits, and Uplinks to accomplish, all in the face of ever-increasing panic.We Have Ways : "Autopsies and Interrogations are completed instantly".All In : "Monthly xcom funding increased by 30".Expert Knowledge : "Laboratories and Workshops cost 50 less to build and maintain".At some point, you're going to get stuck with covering a country with a satellite just to calm them down, whether it's early in the game to keep everyone happy or late in the game to prevent completing the " Doom Tracker ".
Future Combat : "All projects in the Foundry and the Officer Training School cost 50 less".

Your base will be located in Japan.