Calculating range vs range poker

calculating range vs range poker

Then, relating this to the monster hunter world armor set bonuses strength of your hand relative to your opponents range the strength of your hand in relation to all the hands in your entire range the bet sizing your opponent used you can work out a strategy to successfully counteract many.
Keeping Your Opponents Range Wide (Intentionally) : There are many situations in poker where youll want your opponent to call with the majority of his hands.
How straightforward are they?
By figuring out what weaker tendencies they have, you can then exploit these by counteracting them to gain maximum profit.I'm trying to find a way to assess how good my postflop hands are in my open source pokerbot.Enjoy more profitable poker!For example, if you raise/4bet QQ, and your opponent 5bet shoves, perhaps hes 5betting AA and KK 100 of the time, but only flatting AK 50 of the time.You dont want this to put you on tilt and cause you to make tilt calls or emotionally charged plays/decisions.Just remember: the variance in poker goes both ways; in the long-term, things will even out, and in the short term, its important to continue making EV decisions whenever you can.Is my opponent a solid reg who combines the appropriate number of value hands to bluffs in his range?But what is exactly 4?How to build your poker ranges and considering some balancing of bluffs with value bets.With more precise range analyses, they can make better EV decisions at the poker table and reap more profits.What are their frequencies for cbetting?This pot odds concept is one that should always be kept in mind but doesnt include the strength of your hand relative to all of the possible hands in your range.I ended up really liking this and found it beneficial.As such, here are some recommendations as to the percentage of total hands you should open from various positions at a 9-handed table.