Can you put ddr3 ram in ddr4 slot

can you put ddr3 ram in ddr4 slot

This isnt necessarily a bad thing.
Both SDR and DDR RAM are offered at various clock speeds; installing a version faster than a motherboard can support is a waste of money.
If you have a large budget, start with 16GB (or more).
The current generation of PC memory, DDR4, was introduced way back in 2013.The chipsets used for Haswell-E lotto tulokset viikko 47 and Skylake-X processors support quad-channel memory, which means you can use four sticks at once.Types, typical DDR sdram clock rates are 133, 166 and 200 MHz (7.5, 6, and 5 ns/cycle generally described as DDR-266, DDR-333 and DDR-400 (3.75, 3, and.5 ns per beat).Every motherboard will support DDR4 at its conventional speeds, but pricier products will also support memory overclocking so youll sometimes be able to run DDR4 at speeds that are way beyond 4000MHz.Despite its 8GB capacity its the fastest mid-range kit in most of the benchmarks, and that makes it a clear winner.Corsairs memory modules are coated with plain, slatted heatsinks made of solid aluminium, and theyre low-profile too so these dimms are some of the smallest Ive ever seen.If youre on keno 8 taso 6 oikein a budget, then the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White 2 x 8GB would make an excellent choice.How to Choose A CPU Cooler3.As a rule, its best to avoid 2133MHz memory if you can at that low speed youre likely to see performance drop, as the tests demonstrate.Thats great, but also look at Intels chipsets; the silicon on your motherboard will on occasion determine the kind of memory you can use.After using the same DDR3 standard for eight years, RAM manufacturers everywhere have begun the process of rolling out their latest memory chips in the form of DDR4.A version with two 4GB sticks costs 115, and a 32GB kit is a whopping 361.Corsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 8GB (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16).What DDR4 will be making its way into your next gaming PC?At that level, the performance reduction is far smaller and more manageable when compared to true high-end kits.So, youre sacrificing in-game performance now, so that you can start with 16GB of RAM.
Because RAM is so easy to upgrade, if youre working with a tight budget, it makes sense to not go overboard on the amount of memory when choosing components for your system.