Country bingo let's play

T I am fine.
I*d love to but I can*tI am not well.Poor Doddy, says you want to play with the ball?I am Krosh, thats my name.Other toys such as model kitchens, doll's houses, toy stoves and tea sets taught girls how to run a home.Good morning, dear children, I am glad to see you."She came so early this morning because she is on duty today." 5 "What shall we do with Nick?" said Ann.2) rearrange the words to make sentences city father in university going to after work the I with.And October I am in business study marketing going.P I am Krosh.P1 P2 P3 - His name.Her name.Both boys and girls, though, loved their rocking horses, and teddy bears.Quickly professionals can work older than he many more.In those times, building bricks with letters of the alphabet on them were very common.P2 Pin likes reading.Nights you at work have to do late.
They used flor de loto origami mud, tin caps, old clothes and their imagination to make their own toys.
Now, let's take a journey into the past.

Good morning to you!