Dkc oil drum alley bonus

This speedrunning guide silversands online poker login states that this room is required to complete 101, but it is not necessary to complete it; simply to gain access.
I missed this song too much.
Matching three single bananas in this Bonus Area will reward you with not a banana, but a regular throwable barrel.This technique will reveal the hidden entrance to Bonus Area #3, and the Kong(s) will immediately enter!This barrel can be used to access a fiendishly well-hidden Bonus Area within this Bonus Area!When I first heard this, I absolutely loved.The sources I have found do not say anything specific about whether or not this is the case (aside from the page you provided in the question).That is until I recognised the music half way through the song.(No mention of this level being "fixed" in alternate versions of the game).Thanks for remaking.This makes it an excellent way to farm lives).I also investigated any possible changes between versions of the game, and this appears to be the same, regardless of version.In all of these instances, I was able to return to this you'll have the chance to earn Extra Life Balloons of increasing value over three 'spelling bee' rounds.Bonus Area #3, perhaps the game's best-hidden Bonus Area (a Bonus within a Bonus?!Donkey (1-Up Balloon).I tested this by: entering the "sub" bonus room, and failing, dying, then returning failing the main bonus (so I could not enter the sub room dying, and returning entering the "sub" bonus room, completing it, dying and returning entering, failing, and completing the whole.The Bonus round will end as soon as the barrel breaks (or when the lead Kong lands, if they're in midair so the best way to access the next Bonus Area is to carry the barrel right and jump against the right wall, making sure.Additionally, the guide also states: When the barrel drops from lining up the 3 bananas, DO NOT run at the wall.
It hit me that this was a remix, but it's an awesome remix.
This implies that entrance to this level is bugged, and requires specific manoeuvring to gain access to the room.

Kong (2-Up Balloon).
You need to jump into the wall instead.