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Reagent Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3 Trait 4 Beetle Scuttle Breach Lady's Smock Violet Coprinus Increase Armor Imp Stool Mountain Flower Mudcrab Chitin Protection Mudcrab Chitin Nightshade Powdered Mother of Pearl Vitality Butterfly Wing Fleshfly Larva Powdered Mother of Pearl Torchbug Thorax Blessed Thistle.
When creating combinations not described in our alchemical cookbook, we strongly recommend the Alchemy Calculator designed by uesp for simulating new combinations to double-check your mixture prior to crafting it at an Alchemy Table.
We've not discovered that Nirnroot lowers spell critical or that White Cap grants detection, but those traits will be learned in a few moments.Top Widowmaker Pledge, Urgalarg the Chief-bane, Cradle of Shadows, Medium (BoP) Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Maximum Stamina Drops a spore on the ground in front of you that explodes after 1 second Note: Exact description of 5 needed.Top Storm Master Pledge, Glirion the Redbeard, Tempest Island, Medium, BoP (Maormer) Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Weapon Damage When you deal Critical Damage with a fully-charged heavy attack, your Light Attacks deal an additional jyväskylä bingo Shock Damage for 20 seconds.Undaunted Bastion Pledge, Maj al-Ragath, Elden Hollow, Heavy, BoP (Mercenary) Maximum Health Physical Resistance Spell Resistance When you taunt an enemy while you are rahaa ilman luottotietoja 2017 under 60 Health, gain a damage shield that absorbs damage for 6 seconds.Do remember that simply picking a class doesnt limit your options to Dragon Knight skill trees though as various other tree lines are available and can be combined to create even deadlier tanks or more powerful mages.Top Silks of the Sun Zone, Stonefalls, Light (Breton) Maximum Health Maximum Magicka Spell Damage Adds Spell Damage to your Flame Damage abilities.This effect can occur once every minute.This effect can occur once every 7 seconds.Poison Effects Reagent 1 Reagent 2 Brutality-Draining ( steals weapon damage ) -and- Drain Stamina ( steals stamina ) Blessed Thistle Dragonthorn Brutality-Draining ( steals weapon damage ) -and- Fracture ( harms physical resist ) Dragonthorn Stinkhorn Damage Health ( deals Poison damage ) -and.Top Dreugh King Slayer Pledge, Maj al-Ragath, Fungal Grotto, Heavy, BoP (Dunmer) Weapon Damage Weapon Damage Weapon Critical Gain Major Bruitality at all times, increasing your Weapon Damage.Top Armor of the Trainee Zone, Starter Areas, All, (N/A) Maximum Health Maximum Magicka Maximum Stamina Increases your Max health, Magicka, and Stamina top Armor of the Truth Pledge, Maj al-Ragath, Darkshade Caverns, Heavy, BoP (Dunmer) Weapon Critical Maximum Stamina Weapon Damage When you set.Nikulas Heavy Armor Pledge, Glirion the Redbeard, Blessed Crucible, Heavy, BoP (Nord) Spell Resistance Spell Resistance Maximum Health When you block a spell projectile, you have a 25 chance to reflect the spell back to the enemy.Top Permafrost Arena, Maelstrom Arena, Heavy, BoP (Reach Winter) Maximum Health Maximum Magicka Magicka Recovery While you have a damage shield on you, your Health Recovery is increased.One of the more limiting factors is the difficulty swapping poisons mid-combat, so we want poisons which will be useful in as wide a variety of situations as possible.Mighty Chudan Pledge, Urgalarg the Chief-bane, Ruins of Mazzatun BoP (Undaunted) Spell Resistance and Physical Resistance Gain Major Ward and Major Resolve at all times, increasing your Physical and Spell Resistance.49 Solvent Proficiency (7) Allows use of Star Dew Night-Oil for CP100 potions poisons.Molten Weapons aura which increases the power of nearby allies.Top W Ward of Cyrodiil maaningan kasino esiintyjät 2017 Zone, Cyrodiil Bruma, Medium Stamina Recovery Mounted Movement Speed by 15 Maximum Health Increases the amount of damage you block.
Marksmens Crest Zone, Cyrodiil Bruma, Medium (Abahs Watch) Stamina Recovery Stamina Recovery Weapon Damage Reduces the cost of your Stamina abilities by 5 and increases the damage of your Bow abilities against Players by 8 Master Architect Trial, Halls of Fabrication,.

Top Jolting Arms Pledge, Glirion the Redbeard, Tempest Island, Heavy, BoP (Maormer) Maximum Health Spell Resistance Spell Resistance When you block an attack, you have a 50 chance to charge your arms, causing your next Bash ability to deal an additional Shock Damage and increase.
Warmth dealing fire damage to your opponents snares them.
AMD GPUs, a custom controller, and 4K HDR; yeah, it's gonna be big 20 Mar, software.