Evga pro sli bridge hb (1 slot spacing)

Users are able to use a switch along the bottom edge of the pcb to select from red, green, blue, and white LED colors.
These new, completely redesigned SLI bridges come with new features and improved performance.
Note that the 0 slot, 1 slot, 2 slot, and 4 slot spacing bridges are all for two graphics card setups; you will not be able to use these bridges for Tri SLI or Quad SLI setups.
Also, with the new High Bandwidth technology on nvidia brantford casino bad beat jackpot do different sata slots GTX 10 series cards, you get double the available transfer bandwidth compared to previous generation cards.While Nvidia did not show the underside of the HB bridges when it first announced them alongside the GTX 1080 graphics card, thanks to evga you can finally see what the connectors look like.The new, sLI bridges are all black with an evga logo in the middle that is backlit by an LED.That is the downside; however, the upside is that the HB bridges promise to deliver all of the necessary bandwidth to allow for high speed 4K and nvidia Surround display setups.Hopefully reviews will be updated shortly around the net with the new bridges to see what impact they really have on multi-GPU gaming performance (or if they will just be better looking alternatives to the older LED bridges or ribbon bridges)!While you will not necessarily see higher frame rates, the HB bridges should allow for improved frame times which will mean smoother gameplay on those very high resolution monitors!Other (.0 Average / 2 Ratings ).Today, the company unveiled all the details on its new bridges that we did not know previously, particularly pricing and what the connectors look like.In my opinion these bridges look a lot better than the Nvidia SLI HB bridge renders from our computex story (hehe).Included is an rgbw color switcher that allows you to choose Red, Green, Blue or White color.Previously (using the old-style SLI bridges it was possible to connect card A to card B using one set of connectors and Card B to Card C using the second set of connectors for example.
As many surmised, the new high bandwidth bridges use both fingers of the SLI connectors on each card to connect the two cards together.

Evga Pro SLI HB Bridge and it will be available in several sizes to accommodate your particular card spacing.
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Earlier this month we reported that evga would be producing its own version of Nvidia's SLI High Bandwidth bridges (aka SLI HB).