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I know I would if the ads were promoting something else.
12:57, tbh id have no issue at all with decent ads from decent brands.
60 of users using Adblock isn't exactly helping you know.
As the others have pointed out, I enable Adblock here because the adverts are lotto 101 tarjous 2017 entirely skin related and for borderline illegal websites.Nowadays it's all about skins.Looking at shady betting sites partypoker bonus code new account on the other hand isnt my thing.You could even set up a donations scheme like Wikipedia does?I wouldn't mind at all turning off my ads block for this site, if adds could have been anything else than skins and betting.Many people have adblock running and forget about it, maybe make a popup (once is enough, so it won't be annoying) encouraging them to disable.It might not be an option for you, but I'm pretty sure there are others using addblock because it's skin related.Id guess im not alone in this.Frankly, I'd rather pay a small monthly fee with extra benefits to support the site than have it rely on these dodgy adverts and betting.12:00 i'd suggest to remove old htlv pick a winner vote (since its kinda pointless and detracts from betting on csgofast, and its information dosen't provide any real value plus move anobet statistics block in its place, will look better composition wise also this.If you were advertising any of the following, I would have no problems disabling Adblock to support hltv: 1) Gaming peripherals (monitors, mice, mouse mats, whatever, there's hundreds of options) 2) Streaming/VOD related websites (Twitch, Azubu, Oddshot, Livecap, etc) 3) Gaming events (Tournaments, 'TwitchCon etc).But these particular websites being advertised are mostly illegitimate and encourage under-age betting.It's cancerous for the community and possibly illegal in some ways.Its pretty simple tsm is playin 29 matches close to perfect cs, rapin every opponent, then playin 1 match like some silvers and are totally off nip is playin 29 matches like a solid number 6 team, nothin special, still huge gap between the top.Since that stuff is such a gray zone which allows kids to gamble.I understand that you guys need revenue to keep this running but im prety sure that you can get much better ads from the likes of benq, ss, etc if you just get out there and expose the reach of hltv in the gaming community.Ggbet have decided that they will only offer.To be limited to fanobet when it comes to legit betting sites that offers skin betting!M now offers betting directly implemented into the hltv.Lounge, fanobet hltv Bye gogo iBuypower."Apparently not, he was quite insistent, come along." As the Butler turned his back to lead her from the room Charlotte looked down to see whether her body's betrayal was visible to her infinite horror, it was.
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