Finlanda keno arhiva

We are in Tokyo, here playing at place called Budokan a venue made famous in America by it's Cheap Trick live album and a horde of ridiculous hair bands in the 80's.
Louis said "sign these things for the record." John said "did u play through peon last night?" Sat Hari said "Got scope poker run about 2 and a half or three hours last night" I said "tomorrow we paddle out in Rio".
Also, someone just gave me a copy of a movie made of the book 'The Master and Margarita' by the transcendantly good writer Mikail Bulgakov.I am in Portland.Posted"s by Louis on the wall for inspiration the other day.That's a trip because this is a space out fusion record similar to 'Bitches Brew' or 'Killes de Filimanjaro'.See ya oh by the way I am going on the chat room lately on our website if I Am there then we can chat From: "Michael Balzary" To: "blackie" Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 12:56 AM one more thing.I get so much joy out.Besides that we were rockin like veikkaus voittajaveto mm jääkiekko crazy.To those of you who complained in your emails about our opening act Jah Wobble that played with us in Paris and with us and Silverchair in Niems I have to say that Jah wobble is one of the greatest bass players in the history.But we played well.And Salvador Dali moustaches and rice with soy sauce and Pete De Frietas's drumming.No serious injuries though, just all scraped up and sore as shit and I know it'll be worse tomorrow.The singer's name is Tobey Torres and she rocks like nobody s fucking business.The other night when we arrived in Berlin, I took a walk and stumbled upon the holocaust memorial there.The thing that has caused me the most goosebumps though is Joe Strummer.I have poor grammar and a pretty shoddy mind in general, but my aim is true and my motives are pure.I spent a lot of time working on it but never got it right.I hole a special place in my heart for Costa Rica I must say.
We walked around I gambled and lost or won nothing.
It definitely has some good parts but not a classic.