Futurama bender quotes blackjack

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Of course, while he initially celebrates his new-found wealth, he soon discovers that the gamble didnt quite pay off.
Bender can is it possible to block yourself from casinos be a great friend when he wants to be, but he often fails to understand the severity of situations.I mean, being a robots great but we dont have emotions and sometimes that makes me very sad.Add Another Textbox, enable drag/drop resize, use resolution of original template image, do not resize.Between 20, the phrase was used to describe people wanting to create their own mobile operating systems, message board art threads and.On October 29th, 2009, a Facebook fan page titled "Blackjack and Hookers" was created, accruing 413 likes as of September 2013.While on a trip to an amusement park on the moon, robotic anti-hero Bender is caught reaching through an arcade claw machine prize slot while trying to retrieve a set of lost keys and is ejected from the building.Season 4, Episode 18: The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings.Oh god, please insert liquor!Can I use the generator for more than just memes?This is the worst kind of discrimination there is: the kind against me!Ron Paul opposer who was joking voittaako 3 oikein lotossa about creating a version of Reddit without any mentions of the politician.From The Luck Of The Fry-rishh, on a fruitful grave-robbing trip.
Season 1, Episode 2: The Series Has Landed, this is probably the quintessential Bender".
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