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Severan Dynasty and the crisis of the 3rd century, (Pertinax - Numerian).
Lighting equipment and spare parts (lights railroad, street, etc.) mikey poker face Medical and hairdressing tools Products made of wood and ceramics (dishes, household items and other.) Jars and boxes of chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee and etc.
Description, item's information, search in all auctions, numismatics.Coins of the independent States of Asia after 1918.Coins of Switzerland and Liechtenstein (after 1815 Austria ( before the introduction of the euro).Medieval weapons and tools Finger rings XVI-XIX cent.Women's portraits on coins of ancient ray pelikoneet myynnissä Rome (wives, mothers, daughters, and other relatives of the emperors on silver and billon coins of Rome).Coins of the Soviet Union, nickel silver Coins of the Soviet Union nickel silver and copper-nickel (test 1958).Coins of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and their possessions ( before the introduction of the euro).Coins of Great Britain and the British Empire outside the British and Norman Islands (possessions, dependent territories, dominions and kingdoms of the Commonwealth.Shoulder straps, buttonholes, coat stripes and other The service uniform Employee footware The regular gear and equipment Parts and spareparts of staffed weapons and weaponry Entrenching tools (shovels, axes, picks, etc.) Instructions, service manuals, personal identification cards, etc.Badges dedicated to military topics Badges depicting prominent persons (historical figures, writers, politicians, scientists, etc.) Other badges Badges of handicraft production (so-called military demobilization, etc.) Badges in a quantity of five pieces and more in the lot Phaleristics of Ukraine during the Civil and Second World.Home furnishings Collectible kerosene lamps Furniture accessories and spare parts Ducats and coin-shaped pendants Tokens for dogs, cats and other animals Musical instruments and equipment (gramophones, phonographs, music boxes) Plates for phonographs and gramophones (78.Coins of ancient states, coins of of ancient Rome, search throughout the auction.Coins of the countries of Central Europe - Slovakia and Slovenia (before the introduction of the Euro Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic.Coins of Spain, Portugal and their possessions (before introduction of Euro).Coins of Germany (Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.The interior subjects) Search throughout the auction Furniture, mirrors, fireplaces Chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps Photo frames, table decorations, other.Coins of possessions and dependent territories of France outside Europe.
Coins of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland) and their possessions after 1700.
Coins of the states of the world (after 1700) in bulk (10 pieces and more in the lot).

Coins of East and South-East and South Asia (China, Japan, Korea and.).