Jackpot definition etymology

jackpot definition etymology

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If, after the usual rounds of dealing extra cards, nobody else had a hand good enough to bid, the player with the good hand took the accumulated stakes, which obviously enough became known as the jack pot.Bennett, Lives on the Line: American Families and the Struggle to Make Ends Meet I went into the Las Vegas Casino and played 20 in a nickel slot, and it jackpotted for 300.Though the term is f2p highest str bonus 1 att first recorded in an issue.1 Pronunciation edit IPA ( key dkpot Hyphenation: jackpot Noun edit jackpot ( plural jackpotok ) jackpot (a money prize pool which accumulates until the conditions are met for it to be won) Declension edit References edit Norwegian Bokmål edit Alternative forms edit Etymology edit.The movie was based on a true story of a man, James.The game is thought to have spread from New Orleans up the Mississippi on river boats where gambling was extremely popular.When the game is finally over, no player is allowed to win with anything less than three of a kind or better. .Bob-tailed flush : a useless one, missing one card of the set, like a chopped-off rabbits tail.Criminal slang usage as "trouble, especially an arrest" attested 1902.Q, from Ray Willis, Sydney, Australia : I was hoping you could illuminate me as to the origins of the word jackpot.One of the tools with which appellant claims a bucker should be provided is an undercutter rigging.You can change your cookie settings at any time.An unexpected windfall or reward.
Crackdown on marijuana smugglers in the 1980s. .
From there, it became even more figurative, referring to any big prize or good turn lotto lipan valmistus of events.

Derived terms edit Translations edit Verb edit jackpot ( third-person singular simple present jackpots, present participle jackpotting, simple past and past participle jackpotted ) (of a slot machine, intransitive ) To issue a jackpot.
Unfortunately, theres no cash involved yet the character is of course obligated to pay a lot of money in taxes, approximately 7000 that he doesnt have (his annual salary being just 4500, or about 41,000 today). .
Simpson logging., in The Pacific reporter, page 395: It frequently happens that trees fall across one another, forming what is known as a jackpot.