Poker bot spin and go

Video 16: 3 Handed BB Strategy: Facing Open Shoves Continued.
Video 14: 3 Handed BB Strategy: Button Opens and SB Calls Continued.
This video develops the civ 6 rise and fall legacy bonuses idea of effective stacks for 3-handed play and the concept of symmetric stacks.Hands reviewed for SB play when button open folds.Video 25: Putting It All Together 3: Coffeeyay at the 30s Coffeeyay plays games at the 30 level and discusses his actions while playing.Individually examines each case - When the small blind calls and BB folds, when the SB folds and BB calls, and when both the SB and BB call with a special emphasis placed on understanding 3-way op bonus edut play.Postflop play after calling is discussed in both the case of HU and 3-way pots.Emphasis on understanding Nash calling ranges, proper adjustment to asymmetric situations and building reads on population tendencies.Video 9: 3 Handed BB Strategy: Button Opens, SB Video: Answering Your Questions, coffeeyay answers common questions asked about Spin and Gos and discusses the content and approach of the video pack.This video puts all the button strategy video concepts together and reviews button hands, filtered for various shallow stack situations.Reviewing hands facing open shoves.Discusses your post flop strategy when your minraise is called.A game review analyzing a series of preflop decisions deep stacked on the button.Video 22: 3 Handed SB Strategy: Button Open Shoves Continued Discussion of SB play facing button open shoves with hands being reviewed.
Then discusses how to adjust your strategy to stack and depth sizes, as well as large opening sizes.
Im learning so much just by watching how it plays.