Poker gto explained

poker gto explained

A : Minimum Fold Equity to Bluff (MOP p113 : "alpha : - ratio of miikka anttonen veikkaus bluffs to value bets - minimum bingoshakerz anthemic future house fold equity required to make a break-even bluff bet.
I have this simple table memorized, so I don't need to solve equations in game : (P Pot size; A B : pot odds expressed in rounded values).Lower photo: John Forbes Nash,., Peter Badge.If A betrays B but B remains silent, A will be set free and B will serve 3 years in prison (and vice-versa).In order to explain the connection, it helps to start with a game far less complicated than poker, something called The Prisoners Dilemma.The 2 sets of frequencies (A and B) are the most important to remember, because they are the GTO target frequencies to make the opponent indifferent : The polarized range is always betting and sizes his bets to target column B for his optimal bluffing.Similarly, the perfect GTO-playing computer cannot be beaten, but it also fails to maximize its profits by spotting and exploiting the inevitable errors of its opponents.The reason is, for most readers, you will be playing against opponents who make many frequent mistakes.Posted by, in river spots where the bettor has a polarized range (only nuts and bluffs) and the caller only has a range of bluff catchers (can only beat a bluff you can use GTO frequencies to maximize your EV, if you can't exploit.Each prisoner is given the opportunity either to betray the other by testifying that the other committed the crime, or to cooperate with the other by remaining silent.Otherwise, you raise, he folds, you take the pot.But a wily shark of a human opponent will take the fishs money even faster, because he can analyze the fishs mistakes and adjust his play to take advantage of the weaker player.If they call all the time, they will break even by catching you bluffing at the precise frequency that the pot odds are offering them, netting them zero won/lost over the long term (and if they fold all the time by definition they win/lose zero.That concept stems from Nashs work.They have to call 100 to win the 200 now in the pot.Real-world human players deviate from GTO all the time, which is what opens them up to being exploited.Conversely, if you were a known wild bluffer, they can easily call knowing they'll catch you well more than 1/3rd of the time with a bluff.(1928-2015 in January of this year, a team at the.University of Alberta announced a computer algorithm that plays GTO poker, though only in the specific situation of heads-up, fixed-limit Texas holdem.
The study of GTO strategies isn't for the beginning player.