Qt signal slot passing arguments

qt signal slot passing arguments

(sledgehammer999) bugfix: Fix share ratio text in the 'general' tab.
(sledgehammer999) other: Replace rand by a true uniform distribution generator (Chocobo1) other: Change our user-agent format as indicated earlier in the news section (Chocobo1) other: cmake: fix OSX bundle creation (evsh) Tuesday March 7th 2017 - notice to tracker operators: User agent change Starting from.
Bugfix: Fix possible crash when adding a tracker to a magnet torrent without metadata (Closes #1034254) bugfix: Remember queue position for torrents without metadata (closes #17) bugfix: Fix crash when using unauthorized characters in label names (closes #19) bugfix: Fix search plugins updating (closes #25).
Ij t) is the time description of the signal.(Chocobo1) bugfix: Fix issues with translatable strings (Chocobo1) bugfix: Fix displayed tracker messages (Chocobo1) bugfix: Make settings file recovery more robust (Chocobo1) bugfix: Retry saving settings when operation failed (Chocobo1) bugfix: Log successful torrent move (sledgehammer999) bugfix: Fix deletion of old logs (sledgehammer999) bugfix: Delete.We are hoping that people will test this release candidate and report issues as soon as possible so that we can make a stable release before the end of this month.(sledgehammer999) cosmetic: Change option veikkaus sovellus ulkomailla text "Confirmation on exit when torrents are active" (Chocobo1) cosmetic: Enable to choose dark/light tray icons on all platforms.Linux: Fix missing i error (leigh123linux) windows: Don't remove file associations if they aren't our own.V4.0.2 changelog: bugfix: Fix crash on some systems when creating address object for.Smoother UI should be observed too.Bugfix: Reorder and rename Tracker list context menu option (Thomas Piccirello).(sledgehammer999) other: Optimize file size of PNG and SVG files.This will be the last release in the.3.x series.Closes #1368 (bob23450) bugfix: Fix build with libtorrent.15.x (sledgehammer999) bugfix: Fix missing percentage signs.It is stable and the UI will not change.Time analysis slott föreståndare synonym and spectral analysis.Print python version and path to log.They might not appear in all lowercase.Monday March 6th 2017 - "qBittorrent is the best BitTorrent client a guide by The Italian techzine published a new long-form BitTorrent tutorial titled La Grande Guida a BitTorrent (literally: The big guide to BitTorrent ).(Chocobo1) feature: Expose more libtorrent options in advanced settings (Chocobo1) bugfix: Fix explicit Torrent Management Mode in Add New Torrent dialog.
Bugfix: Fix 'preview file' regression.