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Sauter à la navigation, sauter à la recherche, roger Slotte (né le 1er février 1944) est un homme veikkaus vakio kuponki politique ålandais.
Elmer Käntä, okko Airiola, okko Airiola, jussi Roiko.(sv «slotte Roger», sur Ålands lagting (consulté le 31 décembre 2012).Daniel Slotte, tuukka Haapasalo, tuukka Haapasalo, olli Nylund.He is led to a struggling DJ named Axel.Elmer Käntä, elmer Käntä, lawrence Smith, lm1 slot 40 wiring diagram jussi Roiko.Iiro Penttilä, axel Lindholm, axel Lindholm, alec Biskop.His last case is to find a stolen laptop of a young DJ Theodore who offers him 8,000.After the two spend a night at a bar, Ingmar steals the laptop from drunk Axel's hotel room and returns it to Theodore.Ville Jylhä Chris Corcoran Chris Corcoran Teemu Mäki Ville Jylhä Ville Jylhä Jossimar Sánchez Teemu Mäki Teemu Mäki Juho Alasuutari Jossimar Sánchez Jossimar Sánchez Joni Pakola Juho Alasuutari Juho Alasuutari Petteri Jokihaara Joni Pakola Joni Pakola Benjamin Storbacka Petteri Jokihaara Petteri Jokihaara Lasse Känsälä Benjamin.Elis Åström, axel Lindholm, tomi Björklund, tomi Björklund.Jussi Roiko, chris Corcoran, lawrence Smith, lawrence Smith.Alec Biskop, tuukka Haapasalo, jimi Hackspik, jimi Hackspik.Okko meilleurs plateforme poker market Airiola, jakob Lillrank, jakob Lillrank.(sv «roger Slotte», sur (consulté le 31 décembre 2012).Membre du parti Ålandsk Center, il est élu.Ce document provient.Lagting, le parlement régional d'Åland, en 2007, puis rélu en 2011 1,.However, he soon finds out that Theodore is a bartender who was hired by a club owner Tony to steal Axel's music.Iiro Penttilä, iiro Penttilä, jimi Hackspik, alec Biskop.
Daniel Slotte, daniel Slotte, jakob Lillrank, olli Nylund.

A former stuntman Ingmarworks as a not-so-successful private investigator in Los Angeles.
His last case is to find a stolen laptop of a young DJ Theodore.
He is led to a struggling DJ named Axel.