Simcraft get trinket bonus id's

It also works for situations where the armory isn't available (for hedelmäpelin jackpot merkki example, characters on beta or PTR servers).
By.53 dps difference.simc minimap will toggle the minimap button.Hey all, I have asian bingo bonus a question regarding trinkets/simcraft and hope someone can give me hint.So your 134203 item level is 810 (base) 40 850.1492 adds 20 more, so we end up with level 840.On my character sheet on the armory, I have it equipped as an 850 item.The bonuses you have on your 134203 are: 3397, 603, 1512, 3337.Simulationcraft, last Updated: Game Version:.1.5, description.We don't use 1826 because it's not listed on your item.The rest are: 3397: set quality, adjust required level by 9, set preview level to "830 other stuff 603: add stat crit rating 1512: adjust ilvl by 40 3337: set quality, add titanforged tag, other stuff.I'm not not gonna give up that fast).Would be nice if the documentation helped to explain all these, and if a bonuses endpoint existed so people didn't have to datamine their values.I mean all that joy over a new trinket.I also have a normal dungeon ring (ID 134203) that has a bonus ID that says the base ilevel is 805 (bonus ID 1826).My character (us/aerie-peak/tamen) has a mythic dungeon ring (ID 134532).Except for when I look at the data for my character, that item *also* has a bonus ID that is a 20 ilvl upgrade (1492).So, for starters, 1792 isn't there, so we don't use.I ticket all buffs and scaling factors (except latency increased iterations to 100000 and kept the fight length at 450 as well as the default patchwerk fight.Here is the outcome (and my armory link, if it's of any use: : As for Simcraft i use the latest version and kept pretty much everything the same.Today i got heart of the mountain hc and since i wasn't sure which trinket to drop, I sim'd them.1792 says the item level scales depending on the player's level when the item is looted (among other things).
Here's what the rest of those bonuses do: 1727: set quality to epic, add "Mythic" tag, change model, adjust required level by 9, set preview level to "840, other stuff 40: add avoidance stat, other stuff 1492: adjust ilvl by 20 1813: set quality, other.
It uses numerical formats for everything that it can (items, glyphs, talents, etc.) and any other fields are hardcoded to use english-client values (professions, specialization, class).