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Elder maul 147 Requires 75 Attack and 75 Strength to casino sieger casino wield.
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Proselyte cuisse 6 Requires 30 Defence and 20 Prayer to be worn.Leaf-bladed battleaxe 92 Requires 65 Attack and 55 Slayer to wield.Rada's blessing 4 2 Requires completion of the elite Kourend Kebos Diary.A Fighter torso can be obtained through Barbarian Assault, which gives the same Strength bonus and requires only 40 Defence.Want to write for us?From Old School RuneScape Wiki Armour, jump to: navigation, search, contents, attack bonuses edit edit source, stab edit edit source, slash edit edit source, slot, image, item, slash bonus, notes, warrior helm.Who would prefer an amulet of defense over a strenght amulet?Broodoo malina casino bonus shields also give the same bonus, but require 25 Magic and 25 Defence.Spectral spirit shield 30 Requires 65 Magic, 75 Defence, and 70 Prayer.Availability: In stock999986.19.85, details, member?Total 66 Weight edit edit source Attack bonuses edit edit source Stab edit edit source Slash edit edit source Crush edit edit source Magic edit edit source Ranged edit edit source Defence bonuses edit edit source Stab edit edit source Slash edit edit source Crush.An odium ward provides a 24 bonus, but requires 60 Defence.A Berserker Ring or Archers Ring provide way better stats that it, like for real.Amulet of torture 10 Requires 75 Hitpoints to wear.Avernic defender 29 Requires a dragon defender and avernic defender hilt, 70 Attack and 70 Defence.Requires 75 Attack to equip.The Occult necklace provides not only 12 Magic attack, but also 10 Magic damage that stacks with other boosting effects.A razor sharp ring.Armadyl chestplate 70 Requires 70 Defence and Ranged to wear.