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Reporting, compare your data under all angles.
Poker Analytics is the lottoon uusi numero next generation of mobile poker el nino lottery prizes trackers.
Français, copyright 2018 Stax River.Unlimited hand history, bankroll management, check all plans and pricing inside the mun bileet veikkaus app.For the majority of people, the stable release is the version that you should download.Track your progress at all times.It is your performance analyser, your bankroll manager and your hand reviewer.Hand histories, quickly record hand histories and get back right into the game.More content explaining stable vs beta.Bankroll, bankroll management that adapts to your poker lifestyle.Tracking bankroll management, time has come to align your mindset with your goals.Find where you perform the best.When you download and install PokerTracker you are agreeing to the terms of the end-user license agreement.
Start, stop and pause your sessions with the simple Apple Watch extension.

Statistics, all the statistics coming from your data.
Plans, free, pro subscriber, unlimited session tracking.
Poker Analytics is a poker tracker, a bankroll manager and a hand reviewer.